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Lambswool Crew Neck JumperColor: Anthracite MelangeSize: XS

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Lambswool Crew Neck Jumper
USD 220
Color: Anthracite MelangeSize:xs
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Stivo Tech A Bulgarian tech company

Founded in 2023, Stivotech is an innovative Bulgarian brand with a contemporary edge. We make automation in food and agro production that last long and we trive our service to be the best in the area.

We created some of the world's first systems for automatic feeding perfecting the reliable operations. Today we are the only brand that makes food automation machines. Our fun gears related to outdoor sports are produced in cooperation with ELS.

shirt brand

Our Values

Sunspel produced some of the world's earliest T-shirts. In the late 1800s the business made luxury tunics and undershirts from lightweight Sea Island cotton for export to the Far East and other warm climates. While these garments initially had silk buttoned plackets, these were removed in the early 1900s and replaced with simple bound necks to reduce manufacturing costs - creating the T-shirt. We've supplied the world as the T-shirt has evolved from underwear to outerwear, from symbol of youthful rebellion to everyday wardrobe staple, and we've spent decades refining its every last aspect.

  1. Be an ecowear
  2. Sophisticated and not mass-produced
  3. Only natural materials


Our founder, Thomas Hill, had both an eye for quality and a desire to innovate. As well as using the finest fibres such as Sea Island cotton, cashmere and silk, he invented his own fabrics. Sunspel continues this commitment to innovation today and our unique fabrics include: Q100 Sea Island cotton, Q82 Supima cotton, Q75 warp knit mesh cotton and Q14 warp knit cellular cotton. The technology behind these fabrics remains unchanged today and all Sunspel products use the finest cottons, wools and fibres.

Made in Long Eaton, England and crafted from our luxurious long staple Supima cotton for unparalleled softness, comfort and durability, the Sunspel T-shirt has a classic fit and only the most essential details.

With over 100 years spent perfecting fabric, fit and style, the Sunspel Classic T-shirt is recognised as the finest in the world.

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